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What a joke, happened that you took money out of my credit card on the 13/08/2014 and is happening still today that you answer to my request with lies, telling me some details is missing, telling me I didn't send my credentials and telling that still I must wait, After all this time I have send you 30 request for my refund, and you are still telling me that I will have to send you again my credentials, and beside that you tell me that is not your department that is dealing with this issue, and still tell me that is because the summer thing that there is too much delay, I can tell you that I have spent 70GBP already if not more calling your customer service, listening to your customer service lies all the time, everybody seem to help, but none can do anything so I wonder how and when I will get my money refunded, because this is really ridiculous, how can you take money from credit cards without owners permission, and not even rush up to give refund, to me this is calling stealing.In the mean time I would like to thank you for the time you spend with me at the phone, which is at least 30 min a day, really appreciate how you fill my days with wonderful lies, and of course I understand that you must be so busy to refund an amount of 140GBP just by clicking a button, I'm sure is a hard to work when is about of giving what you have taken without permission.I imagine I will receive another email anytime soon asking me again for my credentials, and afterword I'm so sure that once again I will ear "Sir there is nothing I can do, or like Sir you issue is in progress because we are dealing with october issues now, eh eh funny thing is, my issue started 13th of august 2014, but I understand is only been not less than 67 days, and of course not even God knows when you will have time to refund me.I hope you haven't fixed the issue on your website so you can still take money out of customers cards without any permission, so you bank account rises more interest on your money, and I do seriously hope you don't change the way you give training to your customer service, because they seriously do a great job for your company, and of course I really hope that all this happening to me and so many other customers, I really do hope it will never happen to any of you in this great company.And I must say I really hope you have a pleasant time dealing with your issues, because I really do havegreat time wasting money and time with you.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $245.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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